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The best CPR and FIrst AId Training in Mississauga

First aid and CPR in Mississauga

Get complete first aid and CPR training in Mississauga, explore some of our training offerings below.

Standard first aid CPR/AED (Level C or BLS)

This is a 16 hour, 2 day course with extra training offered to healthcare providers. The course covers a number of different areas including illnesses, life-threatening emergencies and first-aid injuries.

Emergency fist aid CPR/AED (Level C)

This is an 8 hour, 1 day course with extra training available for healthcare providers. It covers all injuries and life-threatening illnesses so that you can be prepared for any type of sudden medical emergency.


CPR/AED (Level C) RE-CERTIFICATION is ONLY permitted if your past CPR certificate was issued within 3 years. Proof of certification is due on day of course. We accept CPR certifications from all recognized agencies in Canada.

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Real reviews from clients of Heart To Heart CPR in Mississauga.

Rinku Sahota
5 Star Review on Google

Overall well planned and interactive class to explaining first aid and CPR for adults and children. I would recommend Heart2Heart to attend first aid training. Ksenia had lots of knowledge…

G Miller
5 Star Google Review

Ksenia is an absolutely wonderful and patient First Aid instructor. The course was interactive and interesting from start to finish. I would recommend you ask for her whenever possible.

Linda Vartanian
5 Star Google Review

Ksenia is Wonderfully and patient First Aid instructor.The course was interesting from start to finish. I learn a lot, she did good job explaining details.I would recommend her and the course.

The best first aid and CPR training in Mississauga. Rated #1

The time to get started is now with first aid certification training so that you can be prepared for any type of emergency. From small scrapes to life-threatening situations, a first aid certification program will give you all the confidence you need to handle any medical problems that may come up either at home, on the job or even when you’re out and about doing some quick shopping.

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